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Chrissy Taylor

Chrissy Taylor, artist and tea drinker, or should I say tea drinker then artist as there is most certainly more tea drinking! That being said do make my living as a full time artist based on my family farm in Cambridge. I am lucky enough to have a large converted stable block that is my creative space and the place I go to find my creative bliss. I find the most joy in simplifying art down to what I consider to be the most necessary and beautiful parts of the subjects. I ask does it need that part to tell the story and if it's a no then I simply leave it out! I love how with this mind set I can capture movement and light with only a few strokes of the brush. I found a love for art as many do during a particularly stressful part of my life when it was time to strip down to the basics of what I needed to do for me and working with primarily Ink and fluid acrylic mediums I have found a way to put "me" on the page!