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Dark Sapphire

Artist Bio

"Born and raised in a little countryside town outside of Nelson, creativity was instilled in life at a very young age. Growing up with exotic parrots and various other animals also gave the gift of love of all creatures great and small which now feature heavily in various works.
After a number of years working in the corporate world, art and creating took a back seat until 2016. At this time, Sapphire my now 13+ year old Dobermann sparked the purchase of my first DSLR, this critter changed life's path in ways I never dreamed of.
Often you hear people say, once you view the world through a viewfinder your whole world changes- and that it does. Truly. The first click of the shutter and my world morphed. Dark Sapphire was born, named in Sapphires honour, it has been slowly but surely evolving since.
Wanting to take a less conventional approach to my own photography I enrolled in two photoshop artistry courses to further expand my knowledge and skill. The combination of these two mediums has been a wonderful ride with many of my works having been featured in Digital Magazines worldwide.
Digital works primarily feature animals and some elements of nature, my style varies from dark and rich to light and dreamy. I like to create works that have an element of truth to them and often a little whimsy. I am, at heart a dreamer.
A lot of my day to day images are used in my photo artistry as backgrounds and elements that create a variety of textures and colours, my camera is never far from my side.
My more recent works also involve fluid art and working with pigment powders and resins and currently experimenting with digital meets fluid art pieces. My creations are constantly evolving and changing. No two pieces of fluid art will ever be the same."