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Emma Garrett

- Artist Bio -

I’m a Dunedin based artist and live next to the Botanic gardens. With each new season, I feel inspired by new and old growth, and especially the assorted colour's they bring. Along with the arrival of the local native birds. I look forward to the fantail returning to my house, and the little wax eyes that enjoy a good feed. Nothing compares to the bell bird’s song, I missed this dearly while travelling abroad.
Since completing my bachelor of visual arts in 2012, I’ve continued exploring this theme. Following the birth of my son I was introduced to new objects and images that he seemed to be collecting at a staggering rate.  I found the simplicity and playfulness of these things intriguing.
Through this series I’ve aimed to activate a sense of movement through design and chromatic colour, intending to add vibrancy to the subject.
I work from my studio in North East Valley, producing fine art prints of gouache on paper paintings.