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Erin Carver

- Artist Bio -

Both a painter and a printmaker, Erin has discovered great joy in working across two disciplines with very different creative processes.  One begins spontaneous and intuitively, while the other is planned and methodical. One often informs the other, with elements from her design work flowing into the imagery in her paintings (and vice versa). Working between the two brings a balance to her art making. 
Erin’s current series of paintings explores working with fluid acrylics, stencils and spray paint – playing with colour, pattern and contrasting layers of translucent and opaque paint. Not representative of any particular place, they are more dreamscape than landscape, with semi-abstract horizon lines, seas and skies intended to evoke a sense of familiarity or memory, reminding us of our connection to the land.
Erin has a deep interest in the creative process and the relationship that exists between creativity and maintaining positive mental health.  This has very much been informed by her own art practice and the great sense of balance and well-being that creativity brings to her life. A finalist in the 2016 and 2017 Muriel Hopper Hutt Art Awards, Erin has recently completed her Honours Diploma of Art and Creativity at The Learning Connexion and works from her home studio in Upper Hutt.