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Jessie’s Paua art

I am a mother of a blended family; between my fiancé and my self we have two children each from previous relationships plus a silly dog named Iggy Pop.

I have been living in the Wellington region on and off since I was 11 years old.

My first piece was created when I was 17 as a present for my mother, symbolically it was a Paua shell NZ map which she still has. From this point until my early 30’s creating these pieces was more of a hobby then a business interest. As my situation changed and my outlook on my artwork began to evolve I then began creating pieces for profit to help subsidise my studies whilst at university. Once a slow momentum of sales began I realised this was an opportunity to further my skills and creativity towards creating a job I would enjoy and still do. From that point to now I am Constantly building and creating new avenues for my artwork to reach and develop namely for tourists to “have a bit of beautiful”.