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Joanna Upperton

Marlborough based artist, Joanna Upperton has a fun-loving and quirky imagination which consistently challenges the viewer to find the 'twist'. Her interest and subject matter includes fashion, architecture and/or landscape and more recently, the inclusion of the figure.

Each piece has a slightly surreal flavour, where Joanna desires to create works that will 'delight' or 'enchant' the viewer. Some works refer to timeless classical beauty, whilst others indicate the humourous side of Joanna's nature and personality.

Joanna's works are usually extremely intricate and detailed with a soft playfulness that engages a variety of viewers and buyers. They are painted on board with Golden acrylics, which inject her paintings with a unique pure pigment. These paints highlight the mood, depth and detail of the works beautifully.

Whilst Joanna's artworks are unpredictable in content and subject matter, her painstaking attention to detail is ever-present. Alongside an acute desire to challenge technique through colour, form and subject matter, Joanna Upperton will be someone to watch as one of New Zealand's new, post-millennium contemporary artists.