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Joanne Bowe

- Artist Bio -

Nestled in the rolling countryside of Te Awamutu, Joanne Bowe’s creative studio is filled with imagery of the beautiful birds, animals and plants that the rural town has to offer. You’ll often find her with a camera, exploring the native bush and parks, in search of inspiration. After all, nature and animals play a big part in her creation process.

Her work celebrates our New Zealand native wildlife, often complemented with precious gemstones. Jewellery and design is a passion of hers, and including these sparking rocks not only sets her work apart from others, but it also honours Joanne on a personal level as each drawing represents the animals and gemstones she’s discovered and has come to love.

Joanne enjoys using both graphite and colour pencil to create her artwork. Her use of bold colour, heavy layering and ultra-smooth blending techniques help bring her subjects to life, so much so, that occasionally her drawings are mistaken for real photographs.