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Nicola Reif

Artist Bio
From her river side studio window Nelson artist Nicola Reif always has a view to inspire creativity.
Her love of wildlife and animals started when she was a very, very small child. She spent many hours drawing her own menagerie of ponies, dogs, birds and cats. While life intervened and she went on to become a geologist, the passion to draw was always there. Once she had her children she started to draw again, many of them animal illustrations for her children’s bedroom walls.
Nicola has been commissioned by many clients to paint their pets and often they come back again for themselves or for loved ones. While she loves pets her real passion is Wildlife, a favourite being cats, wild and domestic alike.

She is a self taught artist specialising in very detailed, realistic paintings using pastel pencil and soft pastel. Her animals are created with many layers of intricate pencil strokes, so much so they have often been mistaken for photographs.