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Shailee Adke Barde

Artist Bio

I am Shailee Adke Barde, a textile designer and artist from India and I’ve just moved to Christchurch in July 2017. I have been an artist since a very young age, and after studying textile design and working in a home textiles studio for a while, I decided to take my college graduation project forward, into a brand of fashion accessories that I call 'Match Box'. I also do customized hand-painted shoes and have been successfully running this small business (Shailee's Handpainted Shoes) for over 5 years now. A couple of years ago, while working as a freelance designer, I got commissioned to work on a calendar featuring 12 traditional art forms from different states of India. Since then, I have been exploring traditional Indian art forms and my paintings and prints here are all part of this personal project. Since I am now in NZ, I try and incorporate a little bit of this beautiful country in my art.


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