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Tracey Vickers

- Artist Bio -

I grew up on a dairy farm surrounded by native bush in the Far North and followed my love for art and craft all through secondary school. I graduated from Unitec in 2006 with a Bachelor in 3 Dimensional Design, wanting to solely commit to the design and manufacture of my own handmade furniture. I consider myself a mostly self-taught artist, especially in the area of work I am currently focusing on, and techniques have all being learnt through and developed from experimentation and lots of practice.
I made a long distance move to the Goldfields of Western Australia for work and stayed there for 4 years where I also met my future husband, a local from Oamaru. While working in the small mining town of Kalgoorlie I picked up where I left from at school with Graphite and Ink Pen style drawings in my spare time. It became an escape from the extremely hot desert environment. Using those simple mediums in such an isolated place I found I could carry on making my art because it was so basic and portable, where all I required was a few pencils and my sketch book.
I now live in rural North Otago with my own little family where I have my very own cottage style studio and workshop. Historic Oamaru, Waitaki Valley and the Otago Coast is a very diverse environment where so many unique aspects of this region provide an abundance of inspiration. This part of New Zealand is very different to the thick native bush and scrub from the Far North. It’s given me a different kind of appreciation, understanding and respect for the conservation of our unique flora and fauna from all parts of New Zealand.